Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 Inch Quad Core Phone Tablet "Ceros Motion" - 1.2GHz CPU, 1280x800 HD IPS Display, HDMI Port, 3G

7 Inch Phone Tablet with 1280x800 HD IPS Display, 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU, HDMI Port and 3G connectivity – Stay mobile, always and everywhere. 

As the rising star amongst China-based electronics companies, Ceros develops life-changing electronics for the tech-savvy gadget lover and the “Ceros Motion” is Ceros’ latest product launch. Starting from the idea that technology should empower you to stay mobile, the “Ceros Motion” was created. This 7 Inch hybrid phone tablet combines the immersive media experience of a tablet with the portability and connectivity of a Smartphone into one portable phablet. Why we can say this is that the "Ceros Motion" comes with two SIM Card slots (3G and 2G) allowing you to manage two different phone numbers on just one device as well as having the ability to use the internet when not on a wifi network. You can insert your work and private SIM cards meaning you can use the “Ceros Motion” while traveling to have a local number and your personal number active at the same time. 

Equipped with dazzling hardware, the “Ceros Motion” offers unseen powerful performances on a phablet. Take the processor for example, this 1.2GHz Quad Core powerhouse enables you to breeze through all your tasks without experiencing any holdups and unleashing your creativity like never before. Place a phone call, browse the internet, check exchange rates and organize your agenda in all comfort. 

See more and do more thanks to the 7 Inch HD IPS screen the “Ceros Motion” is equipped with. Packing a resolution of 1280x800, all your multimedia will truly come to life, letting you watch movies in HD on the go. Stay connected while commuting to work, game on the bus to school or listen to music while taking a break in the office, the Ceros offers almost limitless possibilities. 

Designed to bring out the best of the “Ceros Motion”, Android 4.2 is a true world class operation system. Access an amazing collection of over 700.000 apps in the Google Play store, from games to productivity, education and entertainment to finance and so much more. 

As your multimedia HUB, the “Ceros Motion” will keep all your media in one place. Store all your apps, music, videos and pictures you’ve shot with the 5MP back camera on the 8GB of built-in memory and use a Micro SD Card to expand the storage even further. Sharing all of this with your family and friends is as simple as plugging in an HDMI cable or streaming it to another device using the Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Ceros truly goes Beyond Imagination. 

The "Ceros Motion" comes backed with a 12 month warranty. 

At a Glance... 

7 Inch Phone Tablet 
1280x800 HD IPS Screen 
2G and 3G Dual SIM Slots 
1.2GHz Quad Core CPU 
Android 4.2 
HDMI Port 

Price $294.56 - Free shipping worldwide
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